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Sales Training


At H&G we feel training our sales force is the only effective way to get your message across to the customer. We know that having a working knowledge of your products is critical to the success of your company. To accomplish this we conduct a yearly sales training event. All of the H&G employees attend the three day hands on meeting and product demonstration.

This time with our factories helps build a strong relationship between our sales force and your factory team. The meeting is generally conducted in Late May or early June at Richardson Farms in central Illinois. Time is always set aside for both classroom and hands on learning.

In addition to our annual meeting we often train as regions throughout the year. Sometimes it makes sense to work small groups for specific product applications that only affect certain areas of the country.

If the opportunity presents itself we also like to have our salesmen visit the factories and main offices of our manufacturers. Again we can often gain insight into how to better represent your product line and build relationships with the people that run your operation.